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My True Name, 2017

A site specific audio installation, Nitra Gallery, Slovakia
Vertical textile blinds reclaimed from the Gallery’s storage, five short audio tracks on five speakers, playing simultaneously, looped.
The entire perimeter of the closed corridor is covered by dusty vertical blinds. Upon entering it, it trigers a state of fragmentation, a certain blur, visual as well as sonic. Concealed behind the blinds, in equal distances from each other are five different 'tales of a self', all speaking at once. When bringing one‘s ear close to one or the other, one is able to isolate that particular story out of the murmur.


Excerpts from the five stories:
1. ‚Taking a bath in clothes is admitting that they are part of you. To extend hygiene onto something means accepting it as part of your body.‘

2. ‚Once the yolk refuses to glide, it means that it is dry enough. You can now return it into the bowl where its egg white forms a yellowish, translucent lake.‘

3. ‚It’s the latency of it that is so taunting, the fresh, brown, smooth droppings; you almost want to stick your finger in the pile to test if it’s still warm. And I couldn’t hear it breathe, but I could sense it in a innate, territorial way.‘

4. ‚Your body does not produce such oil, not such a high amount of oil. Are you sure though? What did you wake up as this morning? Have you checked your physiology in the mirror?‘

5. ‚Beware of thoughts that linger, they will grow roots and overtake you. Every thought wants to have a body of its own, so till well the soil where thoughts are born.‘

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