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Ružomberok, Slovakia, 1984
based in Berlin, Germany and Ružomberok, Slovakia

email: pearmeat at gmail dot com

instagram: @kata.rina.hrus.kova



Royal College of Art, London, 2014 (MA)
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 2010 (BFA)


Mud Keeper's Promise, Kunsthalle Bratislava, SK

group show, 2023

curated by Tjaša Pogačar

on view until 06.06.2023


Shell Cell Swell Yell, Galerie Kurzor, Prague, CZ

duo show w. Lucie Rosenfeldová, 2022-2023

curated by Jan Zálešák

Miznúce telo, SNG Schaubmarov Mlyn, Pezinok, SK

group show, 2021-2022

curated by Lucia Gavulová

Mouthing Thicket/ Husto v ústachGalerie TIC, Brno, CZ

A duo show with Lucia Tkáčová, 2021

Any Time The Ground Opens, A Promise of Kneropy, Bratislava, SK

in collaboration w. André Uhl

a listening event/ radio play premiere, 2021


online, 2021

curated by Barbora Demovicova

Between Aeaea and the Rocks of Scylla, The Horse Hospital, London, UK

screening/event, 2019

curated by Alix Marie and A---Z

Slane Dutiny/ Salty Hollows, Galeria Jozefa Kollara, SK

solo, 2019

This is just what I saw, Martin Hall, Loughborough, UK

in collaboration with Dr Sarah Mills, 2018/19

comissioned by LU Arts/ Radar

Cumulus Root, Karlin Studios, Prague, CZ

solo, 2019

curated by Caroline Krzyszton, text by Lukas Likavcan

Useful Photography, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, SK
group show, 2018/2019

curated by Aurel Hrabusicky, Filip Vanco

Porous Whispers, Obroncow Stalingradu 17, Szczecin, PL

duo show w. Miroslava Vecerova, 2019

curated by Zlatka Boruvkova

The waning yolk, Swiss Cottage Gallery, London, UK

solo show, 2018/2019

curated by Roos van Mierlo and Philip Serfaty

THE SKIN OF THE EYE - ACT I, Vermillion Sands, Copenhagen, DK
screening, 2018

curated by Elizabeth Molin

Sign just under the skinHouse of Egorn, Berlin, DE

group show, 2018

curated by Angels Miralda and Catherine Parsonage

Oskar Cepan AwardNitrianska Galeria, Slovakia 
group show, 2017

Black Tower Opening Night, Black Tower Projects, London, UK
site specific reading, 2017

curated by Philip Serfaty

Od Knihy Ku KniheGalerie TIC, Brno, Czech Republic
group exhibition, 2017

curated by Banska St a nica Contemporary

Katarina Hruskova + APART Collective
The National Welding Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia
a reading, 2017

Institut für Bienezucht, London, UK
group exhibition, 2017

Skin of the Eye
Zona Mista, London, UK
screening event, 2017

Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, UK
group exhibition, 2016

'My Back is All Around Me', The Bluecoat, Liverpool
performance accompanying 'Left Hand To Back of Head, Object Held Against Right Thigh', 2016

'The Edge is a Surface' 
Galerie Off/Format, Brno, Czech Republic
joint exhibition with Lucia Scerankova, 2015

'Export', Galeria Krokus, Bratislava, Slovakia
Group exhibition, 2015

'Hot Water Only'
Unit 1, London, UK
reading/ site specific text at 'Tara has no rooms inside', 2015

« ECHO »
The Function Room, London, UK,
group exhibition, 2014

'As Well'
Galerie Pavilon, Prague, Czech Republic,
reading/ site specific text, 2014

'L N DN'
Zahorian &co Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia, 
group exhibition, 2014

'All Silent But For The Broadcast'
Curated by the graduating students of the 
Curating Contemporary Art MA Programme
at the Royal College of Art, London, UK
radio broadcast, 2014

Show RCA, 2014
Royal College of Art, London, UK
graduation exhibition, 2014

'Der Schein'
Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, Germany
group exhibition, 2013

Red Gallery, London, UK
group exhibition, 2013

'Bread Crumbs in Bed'
Galeria HIT, Bratislava, Slovakia
solo exhibition, 2013

'Ja Natuurlijk'
GEM, Den Haag, The Netherlands
group exhibition, 2013

'The Discovery of Slowness II'
Tranzit Bratislava + Galeria HIT, Bratislava, Slovakia
group exhibition, 2012

'Kalene Sklo'
Galeria +/- 0.0, Zilina, Slovakia
joint exhibition, 2012

a presentation of Berm Collectief, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
festival of independents, 2012

'Facing Youth'
Encontros Da Imagem, Braga, Portugalm, 2012

'I carry a tiny knife'
Weekender, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
audio/ performance, 2012

Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
group exhibition, 2012
(curated by Melchior Jaspers & Rosa Kieft)

'Cloak the Moon'
Embassy of the Slovak Republic, London, United Kingdom
joint exhibition with Lucia Scerankova, 2012

'Green Marble' 
Photoport Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
book launch, 2012

'The Discovery of Slowness'
Hit Gallery at Tabacka, Kosice, Slovakia
group exhibition, 2011

'The Blind Spot'
Photoport Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
solo exhibition, 2011

Galerie 2, Prague Quadrennial, Prague, Czech Republic
a collaboration with Tomas Dzadon, 2011

'Selectie uit de Eindexamens 2010'
Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
group exhibition, 2010

'What's next Sally'
Final exam show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
group exhibition, 2010

'Klasse Rietveld'
Second Home, Berlin, Germany
group exhibition, 2010

'Sally is rubbing in the kitchen' 
Night Gallery, Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
group exhibition, 2009

Artist Publications


artist book, self published, 2019

From 0 To O
an artist book with Peter Puklus, 2017
Published by Banska St a nica Contemporary

Real Fire on a Fake Hotel
limited edition 7inch/ a guide to facing a corner, 2015
published by Banska St a nica Contemporary

Green Marble
artist book/ artist album, 2012
published by Banska St a nica Contemporary

Virgin Hair
an artist book in collaboration with Esteban Berrios, self published 2010

It will grow on you
a short novel, self published 2010

Contributions/ Projects

Mouvement No.81 (contributor), 2015

Pecha Kucha Bratislava, Slovak Artist Selection (presentation), 2015
->watch on youtube<-

Science and Fiction (contributor, co-editor)
at Royal College of Art, published by Black Dog Publishing, 2014

Fotograf c. 24 / Seeing is Believing (contributor)
a Czech magazine for contemporary photography, 2014

Fauna and Flora (contributor)
an online space for discussion about the world of living things and photography, 2013

Slovak Contemporary Art Auction 2012 (contributor)

Nadacia - Centrum Sucasneho Umenia in collaboration with Sotheby's Wienna
art auction, Bratislava, 2012

Hard//Hoofd Tijdschrift "Tweeluiken", a collaboration with writer Hanneke Hendrix (contributor
dutch online magazine, 2012

Encontros Da Imagem "Facing Youth" Catalogue (contributor)
Braga (Portugal), 2012

A2 (contributor)
an independent czech newspaper, 2012

3/4 Review "Occupy Reality" (contributor)
art and new media magazine, 2012

Port No. 21 (contributor)
art magazine, 2012

De Joode & Kamutzki Auction 2011 (contributor)
art auction, Berlin, 2011

Tijdschrift EI #5, Geografie (contributor)
online magazine, 2011

Komfortmag 05, On The Trail (contributor)
art magazine, 2011

Groundmagazine #7 (contributor)
"A proper laboratory"
an online magazine, 2010

Spread (contributor)
the endexam photography class of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 2010

The verbal stage (contributor)
a publication resulting from a project initiated by Nickel van Duijvenboden, 2008

Remote Monitoring III (contributor)
catalogue of the photography department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 2008

Press, review of 'The Edge is a Surface' (CZ)

Artycok TV, As Well (Situace 53)

Artycok TV, Kalene Sklo


Whitehot Magazine

R mag: Issue 142


Piet Mondriaan

Dutch Doc

FOAM "What's Next"/ Erik Kessels


FUTURA (Visegrad Visual and Sound Arts Residency), Prague, CZ, 2019
Residency Unlimited, NY, USA 2018
Residenza Petrolio, Puglia, Italy, 2015 
Brooklyn Langer Residency, NY, USA 2014
Nina Stewart Artist Residency - South London Gallery (shortlisted), London, UK, 2014
Banska St a nica Residency, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia, 2011

Awards/ Commissions

Marion Richardson Commission for Radar (LU ARTS) in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Mills, 2018/19

Stipend of the Slovak Arts Council, 2018/19

Oskar Cepan Award, YVAA,  2017
European Schools Photography Award (runner up), 2013
'Flint House' commission, Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, 2012

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